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Our past efforts to inform our residents about smart meters located just in zip code 86336 resulted in 2,910 APS residential opt outs. That is nearly 33% of our population (APS total residences is 8,945).  We have until April 1 to raise that number to 75%!

Please see our "How to Opt Out Now" page for how to replace your "smart" meter with a non-communicating analog meter.

Also, check out our "RF Free" Program for information on how you can be one of its participants.

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Here are two newsworthy events for SSMA members to know about; the ongoing investigation of the California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) alleged collusion with PG&E and recently a whistleblower from the Arizona Corporation Commission stepped forward with similar allegations of collusion between the ACC and APS.
For those of you who haven’t seen this information about the Arizona Corporation Commission whistleblower, here it is below . . .
TV news coverage

Whistleblower's letter

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What did ACC Decide
About Smart Meters on 12/12/14?

The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) decided:

After April 1, 2015, a "set-up" fee of $50 will be assessed to those who wish to have their smart meters replaced with non-transmitting analog meters. The $5/month also applies.

Please read the decision . . .

The decision, by previous agreement between APS and ACC (evidenced in Docket No. E-01345A-13-0069) did not include all of  the "opt out" details. The public is being left out of the process.

Here's the chronology of events:

12/10 Two days prior to the Open Meeting, APS requested that Schedule 17 be considered an "exception" and not part of the "open meeting" discussion. 

12/18/14 Document 7871:Item 22.  Docket Control, as a compliance item in this matter, stating when all customers have been provided the above referenced notice. Service Schedule 17, approved as discussed herein, should become effective with the first billing cycle in April, 2015, or the first billing cycle of the month following APS’s filing of this letter with Docket Control, whlchever is later.  

01/16/15 APS Application for Approval of Service Schedule 17

1/29/15 APS Compliance to a Decision
 Essentially a revised Service Schedule 17

SOLAR  RATE PAYERS   If you have solar, this issue has not been resolved additionally, the ACC is  scheduling a hearing sometime in the Spring to resolve an issue with solar companies alleged "deceptive" practices.

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Scientist Marsha Adams posed this question from her observations and photographs that documented visible injury to a prickly pear cactus on “a walk along the sidewalk at the Hyatt resort in uptown Sedona.”


Marsha Adams is a researcher with a multidisciplinary background. Originally trained in chemistry and biology, she has expertise in biological and geophysical measurements.

At Stanford Medical School, she collaborated with famed heart transplant pioneer Norman Shumway’s surgical team, co-authoring the paper that launched the popularity of coronary bypass surgery. Later, she was a Sr. Computer Systems Analyst at the California think tank, SRI International. She sits on the board of three scientific societies.

Most recently, she founded a non-profit organization the, International Earthlight Alliance (IEA). International Earthlight Alliance conducts research in a broad range of topics including health, anomalies, and solar terrestrial physics. IEA operates a geophysical observatory for the purpose of earthquake forecasting research. Last December, Marsha was invited to present her findings to the International Geohazards Research Society at NASA Ames in Silicon Valley California.    

  Marsha Adams
Web:  &

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ACC Docket No. E-01345A-13-0069

Sedona Smart Meter Awareness (SSMA) recently responded to the Arizona Department of Health Services' Report on Health Safety of Smart Meters for Docket No. E-01345A-13-0069.   We focused our efforts on the most obvious flaws - the list below gives some examples:

-  from ADHS' contractor's (Arizona Radiation Regulatory Association's) inexperience in measuring RF and its use of a meter unable to track smart meter pulses,

-  questionable methodology and results, to improper ADHS' interpretation of FCC's responsibilities,

-  impermissable use of "time averaging" for General population/Uncontrolled exposure, 

-  selecting the obsolete World Health Organization's statement regarding EMF instead of the current 2011 pronouncement when EMF was classified as a 2B Carcinogen,

-  misjudgment that "no harm" is equivalent to "safe," failure to conduct a "study," ignoring the 6,000 plus scientific peer-reviewed studies - many on the Arizona Corporation Commission's docket, e.g., the Oregon Physicians Report,

-  producing a report of reports not written by qualified individuals,

-  ignoring use and recommendation to State policy makers to apply "the precautionary principle."

*   *   *   *

Arizona Corporation Commission  Open Meeting Friday Dec 12
10:00 am
1200 W. Washington 
Phoenix, AZ 85007

On the Agenda:

-   Smart Meters Staff Opt Out and Fee Proposals

-   Health Issues (or lack thereof, according to Arizona Department of Health Services' report) and

-    Privacy Policy Proposal

Commissioners will vote regarding whether to allow opt out and how much to charge for such option.

This is the time to voice your concerns, share your health stories, etc. at this meeting.

Anyone may attend even if you're not an APS rate payer.

*  For assistance or special accommodations Call or email Shaylin A. Bernal 602 542-3931

*  If you are affected by EMF and WiFi and can't attend the meeting in person, you can request to call in to voice your comments.

Out-of-state physicians and experts are encouraged to call in to show your support.

Arizonans need all the help we can get from all of you.

You can also write and ask to have your comments submitted to the Docket E-00000C-11-0328 and E-01345A-13-0069.

If there is not enough time to send your comments by mail, email it to the Commissioners and ask them to submit it to the Docket for you.

Commissioners' email addresses:

Please share this post widely.

POINT OF REFERENCE:  State of Vermont signed no fee opt out into law on May 18, 2012!

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Information & Opinion by Warren Woodward
October 19, 2014

I received a response from the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) concerning the letter (see below) I wrote them last month about APS changing out thousands of “smart” meters due to overheating and possible fire concerns.

For your reading enjoyment, the ACC/APS response and my reply are below.

In a nutshell, here’s what we learn from the ACC and APS:

1) “Smart” meter related fires are occurring in Arizona but APS gets to blame the victims so the ACC doesn’t care.

2) We aren’t told how many of these fires have occurred or what the damage was.

3) We have our first Arizona “smart” meter house fire lawsuit.

4) Once again, the gullible (or is it corrupt?) ACC takes APS at their word.

5) If I don’t like any of this I get to do the ACC’s regulatory work for them once more by filing a formal complaint.

Read more the details here:

*    *    *    *

Are tens of thousands of defective “smart” meters being stealthily replaced in Arizona?

5 September 2014, by Warren Woodward

In the wake of several massive “smart” meter recalls due to component overheating and subsequent fires, is Arizona Public Services Company (APS) replacing tens of thousands of “smart” meters?

An anonymous APS whistle-blower says, “Yes.”

Read more in my letter to the Arizona Corporation Commission below:

September 2, 2014
Arizona Corporation Commissioner (ACC)
Docket Control Center
1200 West Washington Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Re: Docket # E-00000C-11-0328
A source within APS has revealed that APS “smart” meters are failing, and failing in a way that presents a fire risk to ratepayers.

My source, whose privacy I must protect, tells me that APS has replaced thousands of faulty “smart” meters, and is scheduled to replace 50 to 60 thousand this year alone due to heat induced failure of the remote disconnect switch and LCD display. (I have seen the failed LCDs.)

Remote disconnect switch failure resulted in a recall of over 10,000 “smart” meters in Lakeland, Florida where 6 house fires occurred [Meters overheating, to be replaced in Lakeland]. And in Portland, Oregon, remote disconnect switch failure resulted in a recall of 70,000 “smart” meters after 3 fires there [PGE replacing 70,000 electricity meters because of fire risk]. “Smart” meter-caused house fires have resulted in massive “smart” meter recalls in Pennsylvania (186,000) and Saskatchewan (105,000).

You must investigate APS at once. State statute demands it:

A.R.S. 40-361.B – Every public service corporation shall furnish and maintain such service, equipment and facilities as will promote the safety, health, comfort and convenience of its patrons, employees and the public, and as will be in all respects adequate, efficient and reasonable.

A.R.S. 40-321.A – When the commission finds that the equipment, appliances, facilities or service of any public service corporation, or the methods of manufacture, distribution, transmission, storage or supply employed by it, are unjust, unreasonable, unsafe, improper, inadequate or insufficient, the commission shall determine what is just, reasonable, safe, proper, adequate or sufficient, and shall enforce its determination by order or regulation.

APS has painted a very rosy picture of their “smart” meters over the years, but have they told you about this dangerous and potentially life threatening inherent flaw, one that analog meters do not have? APS has a history of concealing information from the public and regulatory agencies. APS refuses to come clean about their “dark money” political donations, and, earlier this year, it was revealed that APS did not report an explosion at their Palo Verde nuclear plant for 5 months ['Explosion' at Palo Verde nuclear plant not reported for 5 months].

Also, if APS is replacing tens of thousands of “smart” meters, how long will it be until APS comes begging for a rate increase so that ratepayers bear the financial brunt of their (and your) “smart” meter fiasco?

Warren Woodward

               *    *    *    *

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Smart Meter Hell in Sedona
Within hours after smart meters were installed in the 6 properties surrounding Marianne Hartsong's property, she began to experience strange phenomenon. Her bees swarmed and then suddenly died, her ch...

Within hours after smart meters were installed in the six properties surrounding Marianne Hartsong's property, she began to experience strange phenomenon. Her bees swarmed and then suddenly died, her chicken's egg laying pattern changed, and she still can't get her hands coordinated to return to playing her viola, despite the anti-microwave device she had installed in her home to minimize the radiation.   She spoke with APS about removing the meters and the representative was not at all helpful.   Hear it from her own lips and learn what we all may be facing in time.

It's not too late to have any smart meters that were installed, replaced with your non-transmitting non-analog meter. 

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On May 30, Sedona Smart Meter Awareness (SSMA) received a copy of Dr. Olle Johansson’s comments submitted to the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS), about the scope of ADHS’ study being done to determine health effects from radio frequency radiation emitted by APS smart meters. SSMA is a local group informing the community about health, safety and privacy effects of smart meters.    

Dr. Johansson, Associate Professor, Experimental and Dermatology Unit head, Department of Neuroscience at Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden is a world recognized authority in EMF radiation and health effects. 

He commented in response to ADHS’ study parameters focusing on “human toxicology” and “limited to examining the transmission signals to see if they conform to federally approved guidelines.” ADHS notes that if the transmissions “exceed/deviate from allowable federal standards,” it will then research the literature, consult with its “CDC partners to see if there is any cause and effect relationship documented that would be detrimental to human health.” According to SSMA, FCC guidelines are not related to health effects.  

Dr. Johansson observes the “consequences of chronic exposure to pulsed microwave exposure from smart meters is often denied…Exposure to electromagnetic fields not only may induce acute thermal effects to living organisms, but also non-thermal effects, the latter often after longer exposures. This has been demonstrated in a very large number of studies and includes cellular DNA-damage, disruptions and alternations of cellular functions like increases in intracellular stimulatory pathways and calcium handling, disruption of tissue structures like the blood-brain barrier, impact on vessel and immune functions, and loss of fertility. . . practically all animals and plants may be at stake.”  

He urges that “the “precautionary principle” should be in effect before the introduction of new technology to the public. This was not done with smart meters. Full comments ABOVE .      

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We use SurveyMoz as our Online Survey Softwareprovider

The purpose of the questionnaires are to determine any changes in your health status during the period that smart meters are being installed. While the results will be published, your identity will remain confidential.

We ask you to identify yourself only with initials and your Zip Code only so we can compare your first, second and final questionnaire responses. If you are at a business location, please feel free to send questionnaires for all employees willing to participate.

Providing your contact information will enable us to anonymously plot your location on a Sedona map to see if there are clusters around cell phone antennas and towers, high intensity electromagnetic antennas, or to identify other areas of concern including clusters of electromagnetic problems.

INSTRUCTIONS: These health questionnaires each contain 10 questions. You are invited to complete these questionnaires three times; once prior to APS smart meter installation, and again now as smart meters are being installed and finally after installation is complete.



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