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In choosing the candidates who will best SERVE and REPRESENT our interests, it is important to look for the candidate whose mind is open and not made up, as well as being creatively solution oriented. 

We can always inform and educate someone on the latest developments and scientific studies on the subject of microwave radiation and wireless technology if they are not familiar with them. 

It's easy for candidate to claim that nothing more can be done.  But in reality, the "solution(s)" has/have not been brought forth yet and there are plenty of alternatives or even new technologies not yet explored. 

For those who think they know it all and not open to other point of view beside their own, those are the candidates who will not make good leaders for our community.  For those who acknowledge not knowing everything but open to taking the "Precautionary Principles" and agreed to first do no harm, they will learn as more new information comes out each day.  

Clearly, from the responses we received more information needs to be shared with these candidates. We received no response from one mayoral and three council candidates and one council candidate wrote that he thought the matter was taken care of and requires no further input.  

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Smart Meter Hell in Sedona
Within hours after smart meters were installed in the 6 properties surrounding Marianne Hartsong's property, she began to experience strange phenomenon. Her bees swarmed and then suddenly died, her ch...

Within hours after smart meters were installed in the six properties surrounding Marianne Hartsong's property, she began to experience strange phenomenon. Her bees swarmed and then suddenly died, her chicken's egg laying pattern changed, and she still can't get her hands coordinated to return to playing her viola, despite the anti-microwave device she had installed in her home to minimize the radiation.   She spoke with APS about removing the meters and the representative was not at all helpful.   Hear it from her own lips and learn what we all may be facing in time.

It's not too late to have any smart meters that were installed, replaced with your non-transmitting non-analog meter. 

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On May 30, Sedona Smart Meter Awareness (SSMA) received a copy of Dr. Olle Johansson’s comments submitted to the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS), about the scope of ADHS’ study being done to determine health effects from radio frequency radiation emitted by APS smart meters. SSMA is a local group informing the community about health, safety and privacy effects of smart meters.    

Dr. Johansson, Associate Professor, Experimental and Dermatology Unit head, Department of Neuroscience at Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden is a world recognized authority in EMF radiation and health effects. 

He commented in response to ADHS’ study parameters focusing on “human toxicology” and “limited to examining the transmission signals to see if they conform to federally approved guidelines.” ADHS notes that if the transmissions “exceed/deviate from allowable federal standards,” it will then research the literature, consult with its “CDC partners to see if there is any cause and effect relationship documented that would be detrimental to human health.” According to SSMA, FCC guidelines are not related to health effects.  

Dr. Johansson observes the “consequences of chronic exposure to pulsed microwave exposure from smart meters is often denied…Exposure to electromagnetic fields not only may induce acute thermal effects to living organisms, but also non-thermal effects, the latter often after longer exposures. This has been demonstrated in a very large number of studies and includes cellular DNA-damage, disruptions and alternations of cellular functions like increases in intracellular stimulatory pathways and calcium handling, disruption of tissue structures like the blood-brain barrier, impact on vessel and immune functions, and loss of fertility. . . practically all animals and plants may be at stake.”  

He urges that “the “precautionary principle” should be in effect before the introduction of new technology to the public. This was not done with smart meters. Full comments ABOVE .      

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We use SurveyMoz as our Online Survey Softwareprovider

The purpose of the questionnaires are to determine any changes in your health status during the period that smart meters are being installed. While the results will be published, your identity will remain confidential.

We ask you to identify yourself only with initials and your Zip Code only so we can compare your first, second and final questionnaire responses. If you are at a business location, please feel free to send questionnaires for all employees willing to participate.

Providing your contact information will enable us to anonymously plot your location on a Sedona map to see if there are clusters around cell phone antennas and towers, high intensity electromagnetic antennas, or to identify other areas of concern including clusters of electromagnetic problems.

INSTRUCTIONS: These health questionnaires each contain 10 questions. You are invited to complete these questionnaires three times; once prior to APS smart meter installation, and again now as smart meters are being installed and finally after installation is complete.



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