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A word from SSMA . . .  

In choosing the candidates who will best SERVE and REPRESENT our interests, it is important to look for the candidate whose mind is open and not made up, as well as being creatively solution oriented.   

We can always inform and educate someone on the latest developments and scientific studies on the subject of microwave radiation and wireless technology if they are not familiar with them.   

It's easy for candidate to claim that nothing more can be done.  But in reality, the "solution(s)" has/have not been brought forth yet and there are plenty of alternatives or even new technologies not yet explored.   

For those who think they know it all and not open to other point of view beside their own, those are the candidates who will not make good leaders for our community.  For those who acknowledge not knowing everything but open to taking the "Precautionary Principles" and agreed to first do no harm, they will learn as more new information comes out each day.   

Clearly, from the responses we received more information needs to be shared with these candidates. We received no response from one mayoral and three council candidates and one council candidate wrote that he thought the matter was taken care of and requires no further input.  

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