Sedona Smart Meter Awareness - Keeping Sedona Safe One Home & One Business at a Time
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Late summer, 2011, several Sedona residents embarked on the mission to learn as much as possible about APS's proposed "smart" (aka automated) meter installation in Sedona.

In the process, we have discovered a never-ending amount of information pertaining to every aspect affected by the use of microwave radio frequency (RF) emitting "smart," wireless devices. 

After reading "The Energy Policy Act of 2005," in Section 1252 we found there is no federal mandate requiring the installation of these "smart" meter devices to transmit wirelessly, yet utility providers in the U.S. have behaved as if the power of the law is behind them and have not disclosed there are other ways to accomplish the use of two-way communication that are safer.

"Smart" meters are digital meters designed to record and transmit usage data back to the utility by the same way other "smart" devices in existence communicate with "smart" grid, or mesh system. Because our information is transmitted wirelessly, it is also possible for the utility to monitor our usage.

Please let the electric regulator, Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC), the State agency charged with regulation of rates and tariffs)  know how you feel about having your electric company FORCING the installation of digital transmitting meters on your property.

As we face elections, we encourage everyone to question the candidates thoroughly as to their knowledge about smart meters and their interest in keeping their constituents safe without charging a fee to do so.

We encourage everyone to be sure to "opt out" as soon as possible. Go to "What Can I do?" for directions.

  Disclaimer USE OF THIS SITE DEPENDS ON AGREEMENT WITH OUR DISCLAIMER: This website is intended to help advance knowledge and stimulate further research. While all reasonable precautions have been taken to ensure the validity of the information given, no warranty is given towards its accuracy. It is not intended to substitute for medical or legal advice nor as a final statement with regard to possible prevention and avoidance recommendations or potential biological effects. No liability is accepted by the authors for damages arising from its use or misuse and interpretation by others. All references to smart meters refer to wireless and powerline carrier (PLC) devices, which may vary in their emissions.
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