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These frequencies are also damaging buildings. Smart meters put out 900 MHz. This can cause structures to be weakened. It causes buildings to compromise building codes. Its like the building is in a constant molecular earthquake. It causes the structure in the fire separations to flip directions 1.8 million times per second. This is fatiguing the buildings. Micorwaving inner building material.

Smart Meters Cause Molecular Earthquakes in Buildings – States Canadian Chief Science Officer Curtis Bennett

Highlights- “You can cause molecular earthquakes in buildings. At 1.8 billion times-a-second you’ll take the legs out from under the building,” Bennett states. Along with bridges. And nuclear power plants. Even Toronto’s manhole covers are corroding much faster than engineering specs anticipated under a growing onslaught of continuous microwave radiation…

“Can the invisible frequencies blanketing our homes, offices and communities affect humans?” they all want to know.

“Yes,” Curtis tells them. “Electrical professionals don’t blast frequencies around like this. Any B.C. Hydro lineman will tell you, you can’t change the frequencies in the grid. You can’t stimulate tissue. It’s illegal.”

“What we are representing is acceptable medical education,” Bennett elaborates. ”EMF education credits are now recognized in Canada (and USA). These continuing education credits are mandatory for health, legal and other professionals to maintain their accreditation. “Once they are informed about EMF dangers,” he adds, “Doctors cannot leave this out of their diagnosis. You cannot leave out the wireless environment in your diagnosis.”  Now that’s a game changer.

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