Sedona Smart Meter Awareness - Keeping Sedona Safe One Home & One Business at a Time

05/28/13  City Council, Item 7
“Public Comment" Monnie Ramsell

I am here today to read this into the record.  This is official notice of liability to each member of the Sedona City Council that "smart" Meters, routers and collectors and their wireless emissions are harmful to all biologically based beings and human health. "Smart" meters and other wireless smart grid related infrastructures emit dangerous radio frequency microwave radiation. 

There are NO human health studies of people living in homes with Smart Meters because up until recently it was acknowledged that microwave radiation is harmful.  Indeed, Public Health Physician Dr. David Carpenter says that chronic exposure to radiation is linked to cancer, irreversible damages to the nervous system and permanent damage to our DNA.

Like a smooth piece of paper once crumbled can never retain its shape, biological beings once exposed may never be the same due to the harm inflicted on our 100 trillion cells and the permanent damage it causes to DNA. 

Can you imagine the economic consequences of health care costs 15 to 20 years from now? "Smart" meter emissions can also interfere with medical devices, such as insulin pumps and pacemakers. In addition, high frequencies and transmitters contaminate the 60 Hertz cycle electricity delivered to homes. This is known as “dirty electricity” according to Dr. Sam Milham, a physician and epidemiologist specializing in occupational health. Dirty electricity causes cancer and heart disease. The Amish communities have no incidences of these conditions.

Banks of "smart" meters for apartments and commercial buildings are far more dangerous making individual opt out meaningless. This serves as official notice of liability to each Council member that "smart" meters violate federal wiretapping laws by recording and storing databases of private activities without the knowledge and consent of the People who are monitored.  Because "smart" meters can identify individual electrical devices, and record when they are operated, this is an invasion of the right to privacy and domestic security. There is no federal mandate requiring installation of "smart" meters. There is total lack of disclosure to the public, no equal consideration given to those wanting to retain their health, safety and privacy and forcing installation on citizens is an unconscionable act committed through deception. The Sedona City Council has been legally been put on notice. Your immunity as a government official is nullified and you may be held personally responsible for illnesses and/or death resulting from the ‘smart’ meter’s microwave radiation and dirty electricity, in addition to illegal wiretapping.  You may be held personally liable for any fire or damages to our electronic equipment, or wiring. You may be held personally liable for burglaries because leaving lights on to make a house look lived in will no longer work. The Sedona City Council is denied the consent of the People.
"Smart" meters and any other radiation emitting devices that cause health damage and violate wiretapping laws must be banned. I am demanding that this Council follow its Oath of Office.
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