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Merriam Webster defines "safety" as "the condition of being safe from undergoing or causing hurt, injury, or loss."

"Smart" meters are not UL listed, or ANSI approved.

There is ample evidence from many scientific studies that even the lowest level of microwave radiation is harmful and dangerous to biologically-based beings (See also,

Hazards:  ID Tags Interfering With Medical Care    

Radio frequency identification tags, the tiny devices that let people drive through tolls without stopping and make life harder for shoplifters, are increasingly being used by hospitals — to monitor the quality of blood products, for example.   But a new study suggests that the tags may pose a danger when they are kept in places like intensive care units: the signals that are given off when they are "read" by an electronic reader can interfere with the working of critical care equipment.   Researchers writing in The Journal of the American Medical Association said they looked at the effect the tags had on 41 different medical devices. In 123 tests, they said, they were able to produce 34 incidents of electromagnetic interference.  

Twenty-two of the incidents were described as hazardous and involved problems like a syringe pump stopping or an external pacemaker not working correctly. Others were less serious, the researchers said, but could still prove a distraction to medical workers. Before the tags are put in intensive care units or similar places, the study said, hospitals should require on-site tests for interference with equipment.

There are also cases of interference with medical implants such as, pace makers, insulin pumps, etc. The mechanism whereby this occurs is caused the pulsing of microwave radiation which occurs that resets the device to factory settings.  


In addition to the many factors that may be responsible for ‘smart’ meter fires, the Office of the Fire Marshall (OFM) on "Utility 'Smart' Meters" 06/15/12 observed drastic differences in how meters and the meter bases react in a fire.

Although this report was prepared for a Canadian province, it has examined seven different type of "smart" meters. Also, it distinguishes the ownership of the meter base and board as belonging to the property owner.
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Smart Meter Fires Explained
SEE UTILITIES & METER MAKERS ADMIT TO CAUSING FIRES: Meter fires explained, with examples...

The following elements have also been identified as possible causes of
‘smart’ meter fires:          

Vibration from the electromagnetic and radio frequency transmission        

Accelerated metal shrinkage and corrosion           
Faulty installation            

“Hot socket"       


Here's a compilation of reports from the US , Australia and Canada about fires, explosions or burned out appliances due to Smart Meter installations.

Two California fire department captains contacted the EMF Safety Network to report fire hazards associated with smart meters.  We also know that PG&E settled out of court in a wrongful death suit where Larry Nikkel lost his life in a smart meter fire.

In January of 2010 PG&E admitted smart meters interfered with GFI’s and AFCI’s which are devices designed to protect from shock and fire. More smart meter fire stories here:

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Below, former Meter Reader Testifies at a California Public Utility Commission Hearing on December 18, 2012 in Santa Rosa, CA  tells the California Public Utilities Commission judge that:

  • Smart Meters CAUSE FIRES.
  • PG&E is covering up the Smart Meter fire risk.
  • PG&E fired him because he was unwilling to keep quiet.

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"PG&E Knows 'smart meters' Catch Fire" - Meter Reader
Pat Wrigley, a brave former meter reader (fired for whistle blowing) testifies at a California Public Utilities Commission Hearing in Santa Rosa, Ca.. [Please listen carefully. The audio is rough. W...

Despite evidence that smart meters cause fires and explosions, in the following Stop Smart Meters video, a PG&E spokesperson says, that of all the nine million smart meters deployed in California PG&E has no reports of smart meters causing fires.

KO says a smart meter exploded-with a pop-pop-pop, flames and a big KABOOM- on her house.  She has pictures showing the fire damage.

In Bakersfield, media reports a smart-meter blows up at a business. The PG&E technician told the employee that he had replaced at least 15 meters around town due to the same problem.

Mr. Patrick Wrigley, a former PG&E meter reader told a Public Utilities Commission judge that he was fired because he was not wiling to be quiet about the smart meter problems he saw.  He said, “These meters catch fire. They know it, and they are covering it up.”

The Berkeley fire department reported finding a smart meter “… hot to touch and smoking, with a orange glow inside the meter housing”.

Ms. Moskow, a PG&E customer stated,  “I had terrible electric problems in my house once the smart meter was installed,  fire coming out one of the outlets, many outlets not working.”

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