Sedona Smart Meter Awareness - Keeping Sedona Safe One Home & One Business at a Time
What Are "Smart" Meters?

The digital meter on the right is a "smart" meter introduced through a congressional act,  "The Energy Policy Act of 2005 Section 1252."

'Smart' (aka 'automated,' aka 'digital meters than can be upgraded' to receive and transmit data) have two antennas that broadcast radio frequency microwave radiation at 900 MHz (the same as mobile phones) and 2.4 GHz in approximately the same frequency range as a typical cell tower.

They produce pulsed, modulated, radio frequency signals:

  • However, depending on how close the meter is to occupied space in the home, a smart meter can cause much higher Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR) exposures than cell towers. 

  • If a smart meter is located on a wall shared with a bedroom or kitchen, the RFR exposure can be the same as being within 200 to 600 feet from a cell tower with multiple carriers.

Unlike a cell phone which exposes just the head and neck to RFR, smart meters and cell towers produce microwaves that go out in all directions and immerse the body in RFR which increases the risk of overexposure to sensitive organs such as the eyes and testicles.

Depending on how it is programmed, smart meter emissions can reach several hundred feet to a mile or more.

This means that your neighbor’s smart meter may be affecting you and your family and pets as well.


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