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What Cost Savings?

According to an APS whistle blower whose complaint is entered into the ACC Docket,  "The smart meter runs on the high side, in other words high and in APS' favor.  Smart Meters have been found to be inaccurate  as well.  With some research you will find this to be true start looking in California  and you'll find this to be true."

Energy Savings is the reason given for primary consideration for installing the smart grid; to conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This link shows the naturally occurring heat loss from buildings in a smart grid. Consider the overheating effects of 'smart' meters made of plastic, pulsating (and vibrating rapidly 24/7 with faulty "switching mode power supply" widgets especially in extreme weather conditions.

Due to the explosion of multiple wireless products we now own, electric use has fallen off the first three months of 2011. I suspect this has been an under reported trend since the law was passed seven years ago. It is predicted to continue to fall for the next decade and causes a deleterious effect on utility company’s revenues, but especially hard hit is the electric company

How many of you have read this?: Why smart meters are a dumb idea- Consumer's Digest Jan 2011. Talks about many things but a great article to show someone when they argue they are saving more $ with these meters.

Ambient Microwave Radiation From Wireless Technologies Linked to Higher Residential Electricity Cost

High Frequencies from Neighborhood Cell Phone Antennas Found to Speed Up Utility Meters, Increasing Bills Might you be paying for electricity you did not use? A couple in upstate New York noticed their electricity bill had almost doubled, even though the rates had not increased and their utility usage had not changed. The utility company said they could not explain what had happened. The couple was aware a cell phone tower had been erected near their home and every time they added new antennas, their electricity bill increased.  

This couple contacted Dr. Magda Havas of Trent University in Canada, who investigated their situation. Dr. Havas reviewed four years of the couple’s utility bills and discovered the utility bills had increased dramatically when the antennas went online. She measured high levels of microwave radiation in the home as well as dirty electricity, or high frequency transients, on the electrical wiring.

Residential electricity usage is static!

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